Kingston House is rolling lawns, gardens, woods and a grand mid-century home of douglas-fir and stone. Neither pretentious nor rustic, it is a quintessential Pacific Northwest setting for your celebration or weekend getaway. We would love to host you here.


Our People


Kingston House is family-owned and run. Residents of Kitsap County for 40 years, this isn't just our business, it's also our home. We enjoy sharing it with our neighbors and wider community.


Key People


Kinam Sohn

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Matt Kelley

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Alex Musselman

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Jessica Roth

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Supporting Local Youth

Each year, we rely greatly on our crew of Kingston High School students. For most, this is their first job outside of babysitting or mowing their neighbor's lawn.

We push our kids to improve their teamwork, problem solving skills and attention to detail. In-turn, they continually impress us (and our guests) with their hard work and commitment.

More than just a summer job, previous student employees have coordinated our Lavender Festival, led workshops, and launched a company that sells our line of lavender products. Our North Kitsap community produces impressive young people, and we’re lucky to have them.

We usually hire students in late March for our events season, which goes through mid-October. To send an inquiry, click below.